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Apply for an Initial Medication Technician Certification or Payment Provider Initial Medication Technician Applicants                        
If you are an applicant applying for an Initial Medication Technician Certification, you will need a valid e-mail address that will be used as your login to this system.  The instructor will have had to enter the class list in order for you to be able to submit your online application. We will also use the e-mail address to send you important information related to processing your application.  If you already have an account with us as a medication technician, please log into the system with your e-mail address and password to check your application status or complete the rest of the steps of your application.

If you are the payment provider attempting to pay the application fees for your sponsor applicants, please login to the system with your Registered Nurse License Number, Last Name and Social Security Number (SSN)/ Federal Taxpayer ID Number.  You will need all three items to log in and pay the application fees.
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I will log into the system to apply for my Initial Medication Technician Certification
I will log into the system as payment provider for the Initial Medication Technician applicants
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